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I Kissed someone.....

[x]on the cheek.
[x]on the lips.
[x]on his hands.
[ ]in my room.
[ ]in his room.
[ ]a little bit younger than me.
[x]a little bit older than me.
[ ]with black hair.
[ ]with brown hair.
[x ]with blonde hair.
[ ]with red hair.
[ ]shorter than me
[ ]with a lip ring.
[x]who I truly loved.
[ ]who was drunk.
[ ]who was high.
[x]in the morning. 
[ ]just before bed.
[x]late at night. 
[x]who I really didn't want to kiss. 
[ ]in a hotel.
[ ]at the beach.
[x]at a concert.
[ ]in a pool.
[x]who was a good friend.
[x]in the rain/snow.
[x]on the stairs.
[ ]in a car/taxi/bus.
[ ]in the movies.
[ ]in a bathroom.
[x]in the dark.
[ ]on a roof top.
[ ]under water. 
[ ]crying.
[ ]goodbye forever.
[ ]when I was drunk.

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